Stump Grinding Is an Effective Stump Removal Method

Forget DIY chemical treatments-call an arborist in Nipomo, CA & Arroyo Grande, CA/span>

You may be tempted to use chemicals on your old tree stump to speed up its decay. But unless you grind the stump down to its roots, you won't be able to get rid of the stump effectively or prevent it from growing. Only a professional stump removal company has the tools and know-how to dig up your old stump, grind it down and haul it away. You can count on Paradise Tree Service to do an excellent job.

We offer free estimates for our stump grinding services. Contact Paradise Tree Service now to speak with a tree care expert in Nipomo & Arroyo Grande, California.

5 reasons to call Paradise Tree Service right away

5 reasons to call Paradise Tree Service right away

Worried that the kids will trip over your old stump? Want to get rid of the eyesore to ensure that your property sells for your desired price? Call Paradise Tree Service today. Our skilled crew will:

1. Remove your old stump effectively.
When you choose us for stump grinding services, we'll get rid of your tree stump and its roots for good.

2. Avoid damaging your property.
We'll take care to remove your stump without cutting your underground utility or sprinkler system lines.

3. Improve your curb appeal.
When we're done, you won't find a trace of the stump removal-not even the wood chips. You can lay sod or plant flowers in place of the old stump in no time.

4. Save you time and money.
You won't have to lift a finger-or an axe-to remove a tree stump from your yard.

5. Give you peace of mind.
Your stump will no longer be a tripping hazard or a threat to your sewer lines or foundation.

What are you waiting for? Call 805-598-3500 today to schedule stump grinding services at your house or office in the Nipomo & Arroyo Grande, CA area.